Data Management for Beginners – Main Principles (Course Preview)

People and data are the two most important assets in any organization. By properly maintaining accurate and secure data, along with inspiring people within the organization to realize the value of data, the organization can reach to data-driven decisions more easily and thus meet its strategic goals in a more efficient manner.

Data Management, provides the set of principles and guidelines for reaching the above goals, as it sets the framework for properly managing data during its full lifecycle.

This course can help you with this journey, that is to help you learn which are the main Data Management principles and what is their importance, along with learning useful tips for creating and nurturing a Data Management culture within the organization.


What is this Course all About?

This course has been carefully designed, in order to help you learn the main principles of Data Management and Data Governance, in a structured, step by step manner. To this end, we will begin the course with some introductory concepts, such as, what Data Management and Data Governance are.

We will then proceed to the main section of the course, via which, you will learn what are the main Data Management Principles, as well as what are their main characteristics. After that, we will be discussing about, how you can create and nurture a Data Management culture within the organization.

Besides the lectures, the course also features many useful quizzes, infographics and a major practice test in the end of the course, all of which will help you understand the main Data Management concepts and set of practices.

So join us into a journey of exploring the world of Data Management!

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What you’ll Learn

  • What Data Management and Data Governance are.
  • Which are the main Data Management principles and what is their importance.
  • Useful tips on how to create and nurture an efficient Data Management culture within your organization.
  • Define the roles and responsibilities of: Data Owner, Data Steward and Data Custodian.
  • Learn about the principles of Data Policy, Data Quality, Data Security, Data Redundancy and High Availability, Data Compliance and Data Auditing.
  • Additional knowledge on specialized Data Management topics such as Data Security Best Practices.



This course has no requirements and it is suitable for all levels.


This Course Contains/Offers:

  • 1+ hours of high-quality video lectures
  • Downloadable resources with section recaps and infographics
  • Quizzes in the end of each section
  • A major practice test in the end of the course
  • Ability to ask the instructor questions via the Q&A section
  • Certificate on course completion


Who this Course is for:

  • Data Governance Analysts and Managers
  • Data Professionals such as: Data Analysts, Data Architects and Database Administrators
  • IT Managers
  • Information Security Analysts


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