Working with Python on Windows and SQL Server Databases (Course Preview)

In this post, we are announcing the general availability of our online course: “Working with Python on Windows and SQL Server Databases“.

Note that the course is currently available on Udemy.


What is this course all About?

Python is a very popular programming language. Due to its simplified syntax, Programmers can develop a wide range of software applications, fast and easy. With Python, you can easily build Data Science and Machine Learning projects, as well as general purpose applications. When combined with the popular SQL Server Data Platform, it provides Software Developers and Data Scientists, with a powerful software development setup, that can be used for building just about anything!

This course has been carefully designed, in order to help you get started with Python programming for SQL Server data access. Via a well-structured curriculum, it starts with helping you set up your Python development environment on Windows, using Visual Studio code and the proper extensions, then explains the different options for connecting to SQL Server databases and then deep dives into a comprehensive set of live demonstrations, via which you will learn how to execute SQL Server SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE and DELETE SQL statements, as well as, work with SQL Server stored procedures and functions and all that, via your Python programs.

So join us into a 3-hour journey and learn all about working with SQL Server databases, from within your Python programs!


After the Course:

  • You will know how to install Python on Windows and set your development environment with Visual Studio Code and the proper extensions
  • You will know how to connect your Python programs to SQL Server instances and databases
  • You will know how to run different types of T-SQL queries against your SQL Server databases, from within your Python Programs
    • Execute and process SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE and DELETE T-SQL statements
    • Call Dynamic Management Views (DMVs)
    • Call aggregation functions
    • Call SQL Server global system variables
  • You will know how to execute SQL Server functions and stored procedures, from within your Python Programs
  • You will know how to use parameters and exception handling for all the above database operations within your Python code


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Course Prerequisites:

  • Basic knowledge of the Python programming language
  • Basic knowledge of the SQL Server fundamentals


What Does the Course Offer:

  • 3+ hours of high-quality video lectures and guides
  • Step by step live demonstrations and guides that can help you get started with SQL Server database programming from within your Python programs
  • Downloadable source code examples
  • Downloadable resources with useful information and links
  • Useful quizzes for testing your knowledge on each section
  • A major practice test in the end of the course
  • Ability to ask the instructor questions via the Q&A section
  • Certificate on course completion


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Working with Python on Windows and SQL Server Databases - Online Course
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