About our Software Solutions

We do not build tools. We build solutions. Solutions to your everyday data-related needs. Via our solutions, we help you have a richer experience with SQL Server and anything data-related. By using our software solutions, you can easily perform complex tasks faster and simpler.

We present every tool to you with not just a list of features, but we try to answer your question: “How can this tool help me?”.

Feel free to browse our rich collection of SQL Server and related data tools!

– The SQLNetHub Team

How can DBA Security Advisor help you?

  • Check your SQL Server instances and databases for security risks and high-risk configurations.
  • Get remediation actions and guidance via easy-to-understand recommendations.
  • Get rich reports and statistics.

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How can Snippets Generator help you?

  • Create or modify SQL snippets for SQL Server.
  • Create snippets from either from scratch or by using snippet templates.
  • Use snippet templates library.
  • Syntax highlighting.

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How can Dynamic SQL Generator help you?

  • You can convert static SQL Server SQL code to dynamic and vice versa.
  • You can parse SQL Server SQL code for syntax checking as well as perform other operations.
  • You can modify existing SQL files.
  • You can use a SQL scripts library.

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How can My  Remote Connections Manager help you?

  • You can easily create, store and manage remote desktop connections.
  • Fast connect function.
  • Connection information is stored on disk with encryption.
  • Rich statistics and insights.

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How can In-Memory OLTP Simulator help you?

  • You can easily benchmark SQL Server’s In-Memory OLTP Engine against your own workload.
  • Get rich performance statistics, trend analysis, and more.
  • Two modes of execution: (i) Simulation Mode, (ii) Benchmark Mode

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How can SQL Instance Info Finder help you?

  • Easily retrieve information about SQL Server instances.
  • Requires minimum user privileges.
  • Rich set of information retrieval options.

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How can SQL Multi-Exporter help you?

  • You can connect to a SQL Server instance and by issuing a query against a database, export the results to an XML, CSV or HTML file.
  • Rich set of export options.
  • Export preview.

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How can File Splitter help you?

  • You can easily splitting ASCII files (i.e. txt & csv files) into smaller files along with maintaining readable each chunk file.
  • The tool supports a large set of encoding options.
  • User-friendly.
  • Fast and efficient.

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How can Zero Byte Handler help you?

  • You can easily handle the problem of empty files (also known as zero-byte files).
  • You can use it as part of automation scripts that have to do with file-based workflows.
  • Comprehensive logging is also available.

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