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Entity Framework: Getting Started - Online Course by Artemakis Artemiou

Entity Framework is an Object-Relational Mapper (ORM) development tool, that enables the Software Developer to write less data code faster, and focus more on the software logic instead of the underlying database. In our course ““Entity Framework: Getting Started (Ultimate Beginners Guide)”, you will learn all about Entity Framework, what…

SQL Server 2019: What's New? - Online Course by Artemakis Artemiou

In our “SQL Server 2019: What’s New” course on Udemy, you will learn about all major new features and enhancements in SQL Server 2019. Via a 1-hour journey with a combination of lectures, live demonstrations, quizzes and a practice test, you will get up to date with SQL server 2019 in…

SQL Server Fundamentals - Online Course by Artemakis Artemiou - SQL Database for Beginners

In our “SQL Server Fundamentals” course on Udemy, you will learn everything you need to get started with SQL Server. Via a 2-hour journey with a combination of lectures, live demonstrations, quizzes and a practice test, you will get started with one of the world’s leading RDBMSs, that is SQL Server. What…

Software on SQLNetHub


About our Software Solutions We do not build tools. We build solutions. Solutions to your everyday data-related needs. Via our solutions, we help you have a richer experience with SQL Server and anything data-related. By using our software solutions, you can easily perform complex tasks faster and simpler. We present…

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SQL Server eBooks on SQLNetHub

SQL Server eBooks

Technology eBooks is one of the best way of learning new technologies, as well as learn how to successfully perform different technical tasks. For example, SQL Server eBooks can help you perform useful administration, development, and many other tasks in SQL Server, which is one of the world’s best data…

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SQLNetHub: Your source of high-quality SQL Server knowledge: eBooks, Software Tools, Webcasts and more.


You can picture our blog as a beautiful, large pool of SQL Server and .NET knowledge. The majority of articles are written by Artemakis Artemiou, who is our founder and Senior SQL Server & Software Architect. Did we miss to mention that Artemakis was awarded by Microsoft 9 times as a…

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Learn SQL Server

Learn SQL Server

So you want to learn more about SQL Server! Good choice! You have come to the right place. SQL Server is one of the world’s leading data platforms. With hundreds of useful features, it enables you to do just about anything with your data. At SQLNetHub, we are dedicated to…

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SQL Server Webcasts


On this page you can find our latest webcasts providing you with specialized SQL Server knowledge on a variety of topics. All webcasts can be found at “The SQL Server and .NET TV“. Please subscribe for staying up to date! Getting Started with SQL Server In-Memory OLTP How to Secure Your SQL…

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The SQLNetHub Podcast

The SQLNetHub Podcast

The SQLNetHub Podcast is a biweekly podcast show that discusses different topics on SQL Server and related technologies. Visit the SQLNetHub channel on: Podomatic Below, we will be adding information about every new episode along with embedded players. Episode 1: SQL Server Patching In this episode, Senior SQL Server…

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SQL Server freebies


Get free stuff like checklists, guides on different SQL Server tasks, special articles on SQL Server and .NET, and much more! The “Top 10 SQL Server DBA Daily Checks” List This a very useful checklist I created for SQL Server DBAs. The checklist suggests the top 10 checks a DBA…

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SQLNetHub Online Store

Online Store

Feel free to browse our collection of high-quality SQL Server eBooks, software tools, mini-courses and more, via our online store.      

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Featured Software Tool: Snippets Generator Easily create T-SQL snippets for SQL Server Management Studio!
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Featured eBook: Administering SQL Server Let me share with you some really useful SQL Server Administration Tips! (Artemakis Artemiou)
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Featured SQL Server Security Tool: DBA Security Advisor Massively administer and secure multiple SQL Server instances. Check your SQL Server instances for vulnerabilities and possible misconfigurations and get useful recommendations and remediation scripts.
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