Useful Python Programming Tips

In this post, I will be regularly posting useful Python programming tips.

These tips will be organized in different categories, in order to make it easier to read it.


Hello World in Python

The below command, prints a “Hello World” message from within a Python script:

print("Hello World from Python")


Code Indentation in Python

In many programming languages, code indentation plays only a formatting role, however, in Python, code indentation is used for setting code blocks. Check for example the below if…else statement:

#if...elif...else example
if a>b:
    print("a is greater than b")
elif a==b:
    print("a and b are equal")
    print("b is greater than a")

As you can see, within each if, elif and else code blocks, I include one command in right indent.

This is an example of how code indentation is used in Python.


How to use Visual Studio Code for Python Development

Among the many IDE options you have for programming in Python, you can also use Visual Studio Code, which is a free IDE by Microsoft that supports developing in many programming languages.

So, after you have installed Visual Studio Code, you can find a free Python extension from its marketplace, install the extension and that’s it, you are ready to start developing in Python. In my setup, when developing in Python within Visual Studio Code, I use Microsoft’s Python extension.

In order of course to be able to run a Python script, you also need to install Python in your environment. You can find the available Python installers here.


Comments in Python

To comment a line of code in Python, you just need to use the # sign. Here’s an example:

#This is comment in Python


How to Easily Split a String in Python

In Python, you can split a string very easily. Check the below example:

string="Programming in Python"



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