Data Security vs. Data Privacy

In this post, we will be comparing Data Security vs. Data Privacy and try to identify their main difference.

So in order to efficiently perform this comparison, we need to define what data security is as well, as what data privacy is.

What is Data Security?

As covered in a previous article, defines the processes, policies and controls for preventing unauthorized access to your data, thus keeping it secure and private, as well as keeping the data available in the event of a disaster.


What is Data Privacy?

On the other hand, Data Privacy is part of Data Compliance. Data Privacy, defines who has access to which data.

Moreover, it defines how the data is stored and where it is stored.

Being part of Data Compliance, the purpose of Data Privacy, is to ensure that the data is kept secure and private, thus comply with data protection laws, regulations and guidelines.


Comparing Data Security with Data Privacy

Based on the above, by summarizing the comparison between Data Security and Data Privacy, we can say that Data Security prevents unauthorized access to the data and Data Privacy governs who has access to the data and how the data is used or shared.


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