DBA Security Advisor v2.3 is Now Out!

Hi friends! Today, we are happy to announce a new release of our security tool for SQL  Server, that is DBA Security Advisor v2.3.


What is DBA Security Advisor?

DBA Security Advisor, is a security assessment tool for SQL Server.

By using the tool, you can connect to one or more SQL Server instances, select from a rich set of security checks, and generate security assessment reports for the connected SQL Server instances.

The security assessment reports, contain useful recommendations, as well as various dynamically-generated remediation scripts, that can help you further secure the surface area of SQL Server.

Security Tool for SQL Server - DBA Security Advisor

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The Workflow Model of DBA Security Advisor

The workflow model of DBA Security Advisor is very simple. Simplicity, was one of our core goals, when designing the tool, in order to make it easier for the DBA, to perform the assessment of the SQL Server instances and take the necessary actions for hardening the instances.

As you can see in the below infographic, the first step for securing your SQL Server instances using DBA Security Advisor, is to connect to one or more instances that you want to analyze for security risks and potential misconfigurations.

The next step, is to choose from a rich set of security checks, the checks against which you want to assess the connected SQL Server instances.

Right after that, you run the assessment and you evaluate the security assessment results, by going through the generated recommendations and remediation scripts and processes.

Finally, based on all the above, you take the required actions towards securing the SQL Server instances.

Then, again, if you want to re-evaluate your SQL Server instances for security risks, you just follow again the same process.

DBA Security Advisor Workflow Model


What’s New in DBA Security Advisor v2.3

This new release of DBA Security Advisor, contains the below enhancements:

  • New check: SQL Server Cumulative Update
  • Enhanced Recommendation Engine
  • Performance Improvements


Screenshots of DBA Security Advisor v2.3

Below, you can find some screenshots of DBA Security Advisor v2.3.


Try DBA Security Advisor

If you are interested to try DBA Security Advisor, you can download the free 7-Day Trial.


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