Introduction to Computer Programming for Beginners (Course Preview)

Hi friends, in this post, I will be presenting my online course, titled “Introduction to Computer Programming for Beginners“.

Below, you can find more information about the course, as well as links with special discounts for enrolling to the course.


What is this Course All About?

Programming is everywhere. In almost every aspect of our lives, we interact with software applications. From mobile apps and Operating Systems, to sophisticated Enterprise-scale applications and Artificial Intelligence, all of these, and even more, are created with Programming.

I have been involved with Computer Programming since I was a kid. I deep dived into the world of Computer Programming at a very young age, and I have been studying and professionally working with Computer Programming since then.

I find Computer Programming exciting, fun and extremely useful. I actually find Computer Programming to be something magical.

Introduction to Computer Programming for Beginners - Online Course
(Lifetime Access, Certificate of Completion, Questions and Answers)

Via this course, I share my knowledge on how you can easily get started but also evolve as a Computer Programmer.

I have carefully designed this course, in order to help you achieve the below:

  • Define your relationship with Computer Programming.
  • Learn the ingredients, that is the required skill set for becoming a great Programmer.
  • Get started and then deep dive into the exciting world of Computer Programming.
  • Learn the basic Computer Programming Principles and Fundamentals such as: abstraction, algorithms, data structures, functions, inheritance, and more.
  • Learn more about Programming Languages; what are the factors that define a Programming Language as popular, how to choose a Programming Language, types of Databases, and more.
  • Learn  about the main phases of the Software Development Life Cycle which can help you efficiently design and develop robust enterprise-scale applications.
  • Learn how to start writing computer programs in the below Programming and Scripting Languages:
    • C#
    • SQL
    • Java
    • C
    • C++
    • Python
  • Via the Special Topics section, learn how to read and write to text files using any of the above Programming Languages.
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After the Course:

  • You will know what is the required skill set in order to become a great Computer Programmer.
  • You will know the main programming principles and fundamentals.
  • You will know the main phases of the Software Development Life Cycle.
  • You will be able to start working with: C#, SQL, Java, C, C++ and  Python.
  • You will know the philosophy behind the Art of Computer Programming.
  • You will know more about the Programmer’s mindset.



  • No prior technical knowledge is required
  • This course is very useful for all technical levels


The Right Audience

Anyone who is interested in Programming, will benefit from enrolling to my course “Introduction to Computer Programming for Beginners“. Below, you can find a list of roles that will certainly benefit from this course:

  • Computer Science College Students
  • Junior Programmers
  • Experienced Programmers
  • Technology Enthusiasts that want to Learn Programming
  • Enterprise Architects


The Course Contains/Offers:

  • 7.5 hours of high-quality video lectures and guides.
  • Step by step live demonstrations and guides that can help you get started with C#, SQL, Java, C, C++ and Python.
  • Downloadable resources with useful information and links.
  • Useful quizzes for testing your knowledge on each section.
  • A major practice test in the end of the course.
  • Ability to ask the instructor questions via the Q&A section.
  • Certificate on course completion.


Course Preview

Watch a preview of the course in the below video.

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