SQL Server 2022 Generally Available!

Yesterday, November 16 2022, Microsoft announced the general availability of SQL Server 2022. The long-awaited new release of SQL Server, includes many features in all aspects of the popular data platform, but also an additional set of features, that make SQL Server the most Azure-enabled release of SQL Server yet. Let’s discuss about the highlights of these features.


Business Continuity Features

The highlights in terms of new features and enhancements under this category, are Bidirectional HA/DR to Azure SQL Managed Instance which allows replicating your databases to Azure SQL Managed instance, and many Availability Group-Related enhancements such as Contained Availability Groups, that besides the databases themselves, they can also manage/include logins, jobs and other objects.


Security Features

The highlight in this category of features, is of course SQL Server Ledger, which enables the Database Engine to automatically keep record of data modifications over time, and secure these records with blockchain technology.


Performance Features

The highlights of features in this category, are Query Store enhancements and many Built-in Intelligent Query Processing enhancements, such as: Parameter Sensitive Plan Optimization, Degree of Parallelism (DOP) Feedback, Cardinality Estimation (CE) Feedback, Memory Grant Feedback Persistence and Percentile and much more.


Other Features

In addition to the above highlights of new features, many other features have been added, such as: T-SQL enhancements, Buffer Pool Parallel Scan, XML Compression, support for new hardware capabilities and other.


Azure-Related Enhancements

As mentioned in the beginning of this article, this new release of SQL Server, includes a special set of features that make SQL Server the most Azure-enabled release of SQL Server yet.

These features are:

  • Link to Azure SQL Managed Instance for High Availability
  • Microsoft Defender for Cloud integration
  • Microsoft Purview integration
  • Azure Active Directory authentication for connecting to SQL Server
  • Support for certificate and key backup and restore integration scenarios with Azure Blob Storage service
  • Install Azure Arc agent via SQL Server at setup


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