SQL Server 2022 Overview: A Hybrid Data Platform

Hi friends, in this article, we will be discussing about how SQL Server evolved over the years in terms of Azure features, and why this release, makes SQL Server a hybrid data platform, with powerful capabilities, not only on premises, but also on the Azure cloud, via built-in integration mechanisms.

Below, we list the major Azure integration features, added in each version in SQL Server.


Azure Features added in SQL Server 2016

  • PolyBase Query Engine
    • Integrates SQL Server with external data in Hadoop or Azure Blob storage
  • Stretch Database Feature
    • Archive data from a local SQL Server database to an Azure SQL database
  • Direct Query data source support for Azure SQL (Analysis Services)


Azure Features added in SQL Server 2017

  • New bulk access options for CSV and Azure Blob files
  • Memory-optimized filegroup files can be stored, backed up and restored on Azure Storage


Azure Features added in SQL Server 2019

  • Integration Services enhancements for performing file operations and data read/writes on Azure Blob Storage, and Azure Data Lake Storage Gen2
  • Support for Azure SQL Managed Instance databases in SQL Server Master Data Services
  • Support for Azure SQL Managed Instances in SQL Server Reporting Services


Azure Features added in SQL Server 2022

  • Link to Azure SQL Managed Instance for High Availability
  • Microsoft Defender for Cloud integration
  • Microsoft Purview integration
  • Azure Active Directory authentication for connecting to SQL Server
  • Support for certificate and key backup and restore integration scenarios with Azure Blob Storage service
  • Install Azure Arc agent via SQL Server at setup


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If we compare the addition of Azure integration features throughout the different versions of on-prem SQL Server, we can see that in every new version of SQL Server, more Azure integration features are being added, thus making more seamless the overall process of directly using Azure features from your on-prem SQL Server instance.

Also, the latest additions to SQL Server 2022 with regards to Azure features, allow to use Azure high availability, authentication, security and management functionality, directly from within your on-prem SQL Server 2022 deployment.

To this end, we can definitely consider SQL Server 2022, as the most Azure-enabled release of SQL Server yet.


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