Free Course: Get Started with SQL Server on Linux

Hi friends! Today we are pleased to announce the availability of our free course, titled “Get Started with SQL Server on Linux – FREE Course For Beginners“.


About the Course

Via this short course, you will learn how you can easily get started with SQL Server on Linux.

To this end you will learn:

  1. Which are the supported Linux distributions by SQL Server 2017 or later 2.
  2. How to Install SQL Server 2019 on Ubuntu Linux
  3. Which are the available SQL Server command-line tools in Linux
  4. How to Install the SQL Server command-line tools on Ubuntu Linux
  5. How you can use Azure Data Studio which is Microsoft’s cross-platform SQL Server client tool
  6. How to Access SQL Server 2019 on Ubuntu Linux by installing and using Azure Data Studio


In this course, I have combined some older recordings that I have created with SQL Server 2019 CTP 3.0 on Linux, but the main concept is the same as the full SQL Server 2019 release of SQL Server.

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