Essential SQL Server Development Tips for SQL Developers (Course Preview)

Hi friends. Finally, after months of hard work, I’m proudly announcing the release of my new online course, titled: “Essential SQL Server Development Tips for SQL Developers“.

In this course, via a combination of lectures, downloadable resources and over than 30 live demos/hands-on guides, you will learn many useful SQL Server database programming hands-on tips, that will help you efficiently develop data processes for your SQL Server databases, using T-SQL and a variety of methods and techniques.

Microsoft SQL Server, is one of the world’s leading Data Platforms. SQL Server, among other, allows you to easily develop sophisticated data processes via it’s feature-rich T-SQL scripting language and its powerful Database Engine.

This course, will help you strengthen your SQL Server database programming skills, and thus enable you to easily implement data processes and mechanisms in SQL Server, using its powerful T-SQL scripting language, along with combining it with efficient database programming methodologies and techniques.

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More Details About the Course and Agenda

The course begins with introducing what you can do with SQL Server, and then jumps right into a rich set of hands-on tips, for programming in SQL Server using its powerful T-SQL scripting language. Then, we talk about all the available techniques and features, for handling unstructured data via SQL Server’s Database Engine. After that, we talk about essential T-SQL tips that can be very helpful for SQL developers, and finally we discuss about how you can implement specialized database development tasks in SQL Server.

This is a hands-on course, with many live guides, that show you step-by-step, how you can develop a variety of data processes in SQL Server.


Course Agenda

Below, you can find the course’s agenda.

  1. Introduction
    • Welcome to the Course! What Will You Learn?
    • About SQL Server
    • SQL vs T-SQL
    • How will this Course Help You?
    • This Course’s Demo Environment
    • Section Recap
  2. Tips for Programming in SQL Server with T-SQL
    • Section Overview
    • Sequence Objects in SQL Server
    • The DATE Data Type in SQL Server
    • The TIME Data Type in SQL Server
    • DATETIME2 vs DATETIME in SQL Server
    • The MERGE Statement in SQL Server
    • Row Constructors in SQL Server
    • The STRING_SPLIT Function in SQL Server
    • Built-In JSON Support in SQL Server
    • Working with Temporal Tables in SQL Server
    • Table-Valued Parameters (TVPs) in SQL Server
    • Segmenting Strings in SQL Server
    • Dynamically Generating T-SQL Statements
    • Searching for Keywords in SQL Server Agent Jobs
    • Section Recap
  3. Working with Unstructured Data
    • Section Overview
    • How to Import and Export Unstructured Data in SQL Server Using the VARBINARY Datatype
    • How to Import and Export Unstructured Data in SQL Server Using FILESTREAM
    • How to Import and Export Unstructured Data in SQL Server Using FileTables
    • Section Recap
  4. Useful T-SQL Tips for SQL Developers
    • Section Overview
    • Retrieving Security-Related Info for SQL Server Logins
    • Inserting Leading Characters to a String
    • Getting all the Records from all Tables in all User Databases
    • Retrieving SQL Server Instance-Related Information
    • Executing T-SQL Statements Against All Databases in SQL Server
    • How to Create a Simple Linked Server Between SQL Server Instances
    • Other Useful T-SQL Scripts
    • Section Recap
  5. Special SQL Server Development Topics
    • Section Overview
    • Where are Programmability Objects Stored in SQL Server?
    • Executing Heavy Set-Based Operations Against VLDBs in SQL Server
    • Using the OUTPUT Clause: A simple Data Archiving Example
    • Using Computed Columns in SQL Server
    • Handling NULL and Empty Values in SQL Server
    • The multi-part identifier … could not be bound
    • Using the “GO” Command in SQL Server
    • How to Suppress the “N Row(s) Affected” Output Message in SQL Server
    • Section Recap
  6. Course Recap
  7. Bonus Lecture
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After the Course:

  • You will know how to efficiently perform different development tasks in SQL Server, using a variety of techniques and methodologies
  • You will have strengthen your T-SQL coding skills
  • You will know how to work with unstructured data in SQL Server using all the available techniques
  • You will know how to perform specialized development-related tasks in SQL Server


Course Prerequisites

  • Basic knowledge of the SQL Server fundamentals
  • Basic knowledge of SQL Server Management Studio


What Does the Course Offer:

  • 4 hours of high-quality video
  • More than 30 live demonstrations and hands-on guides that will help you perform many essential SQL Server development tasks
  • Useful quizzes for testing your knowledge on each section
  • Many downloadable resources such as T-SQL scripts and links
  • A practice test in the end of the course
  • Ability to ask the instructor questions via the Q&A section
  • Certificate on course completion


Who this Course is for:

  • SQL Developers who want to strengthen their SQL Server database programming skills
  • SQL Server DBAs and Computer Programmers who want to learn more about developing in SQL Server
  • IT Architects who want to learn more about SQL Server database development
  • Technology enthusiasts who want to learn more about SQL Server database development


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