Top 10 SQL Server DBA Daily Tasks List

Top 10 SQL Server DBA Daily Tasks List

Top 10 SQL Server DBA Daily Tasks List

DBAs play a major role in the everyday operation of any organization that uses databases. However, the term “healthy database” is often misinterpreted.

In the databases world, a healthy database is not just a database that is online and is not corrupted.

A healthy database, and consequently an RDBMS instance, have also an “accepted” up-time percentage, consistent and available backups, have no significant index fragmentation percentages, and much more.

All the above, and more, are things that DBAs must ensure every day.

Below, you can find my list of the “Top 10 SQL Server DBA Daily Tasks“.

This list suggests 10 critical tasks SQL Server DBAs must do every day, towards ensuring healthy databases and SQL Server instances.

Here’s my list:

  1. Check SQL Server Instance Uptime
  2. Check Last Full, Differential and Log Backup Times
  3. Check Failed SQL Agent Jobs in the Last 24 Hours
  4. Check Current Log for Failed Logins
  5. Check for Blocked Processes
  6. Check Top N Queries Based on Average CPU Time
  7. Check Drive Volumes Space
  8. Check Index Fragmentation
  9. Patch Management
  10. Self-Education and Improvement

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