Operating System Error 170 (Requested Resource is in use)

Operating System Error 170 (Requested Resource is in use)

Operating System Error 170 (Requested Resource is in use)

Operating System Error 170(Requested Resource is in use)

It might happen at some point, under certain circumstances, to get the above error message on your SQL Server environment.

Explaining the Error Message

The above error means that some other process put a lock on a database file (or other related SQL Server files as well, i.e. log files, etc.) and SQL Server cannot access it in order to write in it. This is an unpleasant situation because many times, at a first look, you don’t identify something wrong but the problem persists!

So, what you can do? You have a situation where SQL Server reports as a critical error that it cannot write on one or more of its hosted databases.

You hope that you can resolve this issue fast and without any downtime.

It did happen to me in the past as well, so I would like to share some tips with you, which you might find useful for resolving this issue.

How to Resolve the Requested Resource is in Use Error

Here’s what you can try for resolving the error:

– Check via Windows Resource Monitor – overview – disk activity to see if any database/log files are used by any other activity than SQL Server
– Use Sysinternals “Handle” tool to see if there are any other handles on the file rather than SQL Server itself
– Check if antivirus is using the specific file thus keeping it locked

Example of using Handle.exe:

Investigating the error message: Operating System Error 170(Requested Resource is in use) using SysInternals Tools

Hope this helps!

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