My eBook “Administering SQL Server” is Now Out!

A few days ago I published my second eBook. The title of the book is “Administering SQL Server” and it is for database administrators and architects who monitor and administer SQL Server instances on a regular basis and have as a primary goal to maintain the health of the instances and thus the hosted databases. The book discusses among other, basic administration tasks, security and compliance, integration and troubleshooting.


How is the eBook Organized?

The book is organized in 5 chapters. Chapter 1 discusses basic SQL Server maintenance tasks such as disk usage monitoring, history cleanup, backup-related topics, and more. Chapter 2 discusses security and compliance topics such as Policy-Based Management and encryption. Chapter 3 talks about different integration topics such as linked servers, use of proxies on SQL Server Agent job steps and Unicode support. Chapter 4 discusses special SQL Server topics like the Windows Internal Database (SSEE) and dynamic T-SQL generation. Chapter 5 discusses error handling and ways to overcome errors you might encounter due to external factors like permission issues, invalid user input, etc.


Learn more about my eBook: “Administering SQL Server”

Update 2018: This the second edition of the eBook.

Administering SQL Server (eBook) - For the SQL DBA

If you are a SQL DBA and you want to learn more about SQL Server administration, then this eBook is for you. The eBook suggests several SQL Server administration best practices, that can be used for ensuring healthy SQL Server instances. The eBook assumes at least intermediate-level experience with SQL Server administration. Moreover, it contains many simple examples on how you can easily perform useful administration tasks in SQL Server.

eBook Format: PDF 
Author: Artemakis Artemiou, B.Sc., M.Sc., MCP, MCTS, MCITP, Former Microsoft Data Platform MVP (2009-2018)

See Inside this Book:

Table of Contents 
Sample Chapter

Administering SQL Server (eBook) - For the SQL DBA - Buy Now! Administering SQL Server (eBook) - For the SQL DBA - Secure Purchase


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