SQLNetHub is an Experience

Back in 2008 I started “The SQL Server and .NET Blog” having as a mission to share my knowledge and experiences on SQL Server with you, the SQL Server Community.

Throughout all these years, The SQL Server and .NET Blog was constantly evolving with new topics, and the most important, with new types of knowledge sharing.That’s why at some point, it was renamed to “The SQL Server and .NET Hub”.

In parallel with blogging, I maintained other sites as well, representing other types of activities and community contributions that were directly or indirectly related to SQL Server.

Some examples are SQLArtBits, SQLEBooks, etc.

Today, 10 years and 1 million page views later, everything has nicely converged into a single brand, into a single portal with unlimited capabilities, that is SQLNetHub.

On SQLNetHub, you can find high-quality online courses on SQL Server, Azure, Programming, Azure, .NET and other tech topics.

Also, you can find my eBooks which I write with love and respect for the worldwide SQL Server community.

You can also find useful, software tools, where every single one has a free version, that can help you be more productive when working with SQL Server and other related technologies.

You can find high quality SQL Server articles and guides i have been writing since 2008.

You can find webcasts. Podcasts and mini-courses are also coming soon.

You can find free online services such as the SQL Server backward compatibility info service as well as the SQL Server service pack and cumulative update info service.

All the above, contributed to the transformation of SQLNetHub.

SQLNetHub is no more just a blog. Is not just a software or an eBook website.

SQLNetHub is a portal of SQL Server knowledge and tools.

It is your source of useful software tools, articles, eBooks, webcasts, online services, and the list goes on.

SQLNetHub is an experience and you are part of it.

Thank you for your continuous support.

We continue this journey together!



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