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In 2013, we founded the “SQLArtBits” community initiative. In 2016, SQLArtBits became SQLNetHub.

Under the SQLNetHub initiative we develop simple yet powerful data tools for the Microsoft Windows Operating System. The majority of our tools mainly interact with SQL Server, thus providing a richer user experience and enabling the user to get the most out of the world’s more powerful data platform.

Software Tools

Since 2013 we have developed 8 tools for SQL Server and related areas. These are:

Free Online Services

Moreover, we are constantly developing free online SQL Server services!
These services are all free and provide useful information about different SQL Server topics on a demand-basis.

Currently there are three online SQL services available:


SQL Server Latest Service Pack Info, takes as user input a version of SQL Server and provides info about its latest service pack along with download links and more.

SQL Server Backward Compatibility Checker, takes as user input a version of SQL Server and returns the SQL Server versions that are backward compatible!

SQL Server OS Requirements Info, allows you to quickly retrieve useful information, about the OS requirements for any version and edition of SQL Server!

More online SQL Server services will be keep on constantly added, thus making SQLNetHub not only your main SQL Server tools hub, but also your hub of online SQL Server services!



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