The STRING_SPLIT Function in SQL Server

A long-awaited string function added to SQL Server 2016 (and later) the is STRING_SPLIT function. Read on to better understand this cool function and see examples of how you can use it.


What does the STRING_SPLIT Function in SQL Server do?

As the name implies: this function splits the given character expression using the separator set by user.


Examples of using the STRING_SPLIT function in SQL Server

Let’s see some examples of using the STRING_SPLIT function.


Example 1

--Example #1
DECLARE @string AS VARCHAR(250);
SET @string = '1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10';

FROM STRING_SPLIT(@string, ',');

Here’s the output of the above T-SQL script:


Example 2

--Example #2
      id INT ,
      productsPurchased VARCHAR(250)

VALUES  ( 1, 'product1, product2, product3' );

SELECT  id ,
FROM    #test t
        CROSS APPLY STRING_SPLIT(productsPurchased, ',') t2;


Here’s the output of the above T-SQL script:


Example 3

--Example #3
CREATE TABLE #CSVHeaders ( headers VARCHAR(MAX) );

VALUES  ( 'header1,header2,header3,header4,header5,header6,header7,header8,header9,header10,header11,header12,header13,header14,header15' );

SELECT  LTRIM(value) AS HeaderName
FROM    #CSVHeaders
        CROSS APPLY STRING_SPLIT(headers, ','); 


Here’s the output of the above T-SQL script:

The STRING_SPLIT Function in SQL Server - Article on SQLNetHub



Concluding Remarks

As you can see from the above examples, STRING_SPLIT is a very handy new string function in SQL Server 2016 and later. It allows you to easily manipulate text and organize it by parsing it using separators.


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