In-Memory OLTP Simulator: The Experiment

A few days ago I published a 38-page technical paper titled “In-Memory OLTP Simulator: The Experiment“.

In-Memory OLTP Simulator is a software tool that we developed, which allows the user to easily simulate virtually any workload against the powerful In-Memory OLTP Engine of Microsoft SQL Server.


What Does the Paper Discuss?

This paper presents a series of simulations for a specific scenario against different workload sizes. The paper discusses the findings of these simulations by describing how the entire process was designed using In-Memory OLTP Simulator, as well as by observing and analyzing the performance trends after executing the different versions of the scenario against SQL Server’s In-Memory OLTP Engine.

The highlight of the paper is the fact that for a workload of 5M records, I achieved breakthrough performance with a speedup of 26x over disk-based tables!

You can download the paper here.


*Update: You can download the free 30-day trial of In-Memory OLTP Simulator here. In-Memory OLTP Simulator is now part of SQLNetHub’s software collection.


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