Announcing DBA Security Advisor – A Security Tool for SQL Server

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You can find the latest version of DBA Security Advisor here.

After almost two years of heavy development and extensive testing, in three days, on June 28 2016, I will be releasing my brand new software tool for SQL Server.

The name of the tool is ‘DBA Security Advisor‘ and as the name implies, it is a database security tool. DBA Security Advisor assesses SQL Server instances against a rich set of security checks and provides recommendations along with remediation scripts and methods, all based on proven security best practices for SQL Server.


SQL Server Security Tool - DBA Security Advisor by SQLNetHub

(Figure 1: Connecting to Multiple SQL Server Instances.)


DBA Security Advisor comes in two editions: (i) The free 14-day trial version with limited security checks and functionality, and (ii) The Enterprise Edition with requires a license and where all security checks and features are available. You can check the features of each edition here.

DBA Security Advisor provides a variety of security checks in order to enable the DBA to perform a rich assessment of the SQL Server instance or instances and get meaningful insights about their configuration from the security perspective.


DBA Security Advisor - Security Report

(Figure 2: Available Security Checks in Enterprise Edition)


After the assessment is completed, DBA Security Advisor generates a comprehensive report with the results of the assessment and other important information. Also, in the Enterprise Edition of the tool, you can get recommendations and remediation scripts and methods.

SQL Server Security Tool - DBA Security Advisor - Security Checks

(Figure 3: Embedded Report Viewer.)


(Figure 4: Standalone Security Report Viewer).


Note: DBA Security Advisor supports SQL Server 2005 or later. 

For more information, you can visit the DBA Security Advisor’s product page.

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