What is Azure Advisor?

What is Azure Advisor?

What is Azure Advisor?

In previous articles, we’ve talked about how you can create your first database in Azure SQL Database, how you can create an Azure SQL Server virtual machine, as well as how to backup a SQL Server database from on-premises to Azure Storage. In this article, we will discuss about what is Azure Advisor and what are exactly the recommendations it suggests.


What is Azure Advisor?

Azure Advisor, is an automated recommendation engine (i.e. a personalized cloud consultant) on Azure, that follows the best practices and provides you with efficient recommendations that fall under the below 4 categories:

  • High Availability
  • Security
  • Performance
  • Cost

The recommendations suggested by Azure Advisor, are based on best practices and usage telemetry in order to be as efficient as possible.


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Example of Azure Advisor Recommendations

For example, today when I logged into the Azure Portal, Azure Advisor appeared along with mentioning that I have some free recommendations to check out (see below screenshot).

What is Azure Advisor? - Article on SQLNetHub


After clicking on the “View my free recommendations” button, the actual recommendations page appeared, where I saw that I had 1 recommendation for High Availability and 5 recommendations for Security. Regarding Performance and Cost, at the that time, I had no recommendations.

What is Azure Advisor? - Article on SQLNetHub


High Availability Recommendations

The below screenshot, illustrates the 1 recommendation I got regarding High Availability:

What is Azure Advisor? - Article on SQLNetHub

If I click on the recommendation, I will get guidance how I can apply it.


Security Recommendations

Similarly, the below screenshots, illustrates the recommendation summary and actual recommendations I got regarding Security:

What is Azure Advisor? - Article on SQLNetHub


What is Azure Advisor? - Article on SQLNetHub

When further clicking on the above recommendations, you get guidance on how to easily apply them and mitigate any detected security issues.



Azure Advisor, is a very useful entity in Microsoft Azure, It analyzes your Azure resource configuration and usage telemetry, and suggests useful recommendations on how to tackle different potential issues.

Azure Advisor may appear from time to time right after you log into Azure Portal, along with suggesting fresh, useful recommendations, or you can launch it at any time, from within Azure Portal – All Services (type ‘Advisor’).

Learn more about Azure Advisor.


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