.NET Programming for Beginners – Windows Forms (C#) – Course Preview

Hi there! We are happy to announce our brand new course titled: “.NET Programming for Beginners – Windows Forms (C#)“.

We are really excited about this course, since via the course, we share our passion, expertise, as well as tips and tricks, about Windows Forms (WinForms) programming in .NET, using Visual Studio and C#.

But do let us provide some more details about the course, so please read on!


What is this Course About?

In this course for beginners, you will get started with .NET Windows Forms Programming using Visual Studio and the C# Programming Language. You will learn the basics of .NET Windows Forms, event handling, multithreading and how you can create deployment packages for your .NET Windows Forms programs, directly via Visual Studio, using the ClickOnce component.

Last but not least, throughout the course, we will be developing in different phases, a simple, yet fully functional Text Editor demo app, using Visual Studio, C# and Windows Forms.

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What Will You Know After the Course

After the course, among other, you will know the following:

  • What Windows Forms projects are in .NET Framework and Visual Studio.
  • How to create Windows Forms projects in Visual Studio and build Graphical User Interface (GUI) applications using C#.
  • How to implement event handling and multithreading in your .NET Windows Forms projects.
  • How to create deployment packages for your .NET applications using the ClickOnce component in Visual Studio.
  • How to connect your Windows Forms .NET application to SQL Server and retrieve data.


Course Prerequisites:

  • Basic computer programming principles and fundamentals


Demo Environment

  • For the demos, we will be working with Visual Studio 2019 and .NET Framework on Windows 10
  • Also, for some demos, we will be accessing a test SQL Server instance


The Course Contains/Offers:

  • 3 hours of high-quality video
  • Live demonstrations and hands-on guides
  • Useful quizzes for testing your knowledge on each section
  • Many downloadable resources
  • A practice test in the end of the course
  • Ability to ask the instructor questions via the Q&A section
  • Certificate on course completion


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