SQL Server Error 262: CREATE DATABASE permission denied in database – How to Resolve

Hi friends! In this article, we’ll be discussing about “SQL Server error 262: CREATE DATABASE permission denied in database ‘database_name’, and how you can resolve it.


About the above “permission denied” error

This error serves as a reminder that not every user in a SQL Server environment has the authority to create databases. This error means that the user who is attempting to execute the CREATE DATABASE statement does not have the appropriate access to perform this action within the given database.

This issue often results from the user account trying to create the database having insufficient administrative access or privileges. The CREATE DATABASE statement can only be successfully used by users who have the necessary administrative rights or particular permissions for creating databases.


Other factors for the “permission denied” error in the CREATE DATABASE SQL statement

Another factor that may contribute to the error we are examining in this article, is the user’s context and the current database in use. It is important to note, that the CREATE DATABASE SQL statement, should be executed within the context of the master database, which holds the necessary authority to create new databases. If the command is issued within a different database without the required permissions, the error message will be generated.


Let’s see an example

Let’s use an example to demonstrate this permission error. Let’s assume that we have been given the task of setting up a new database on a SQL Server instance with the name “SalesDB”. However, when we try to create the database, we get the error “SQL Server error 262: CREATE DATABASE permission denied in database ‘master'”. It is clear from this situation that our user account does not have the necessary permissions to create the database. In this case, we need the assistance of a higher-level administrator or a user with sufficient privileges to correctly run the CREATE DATABASE command to fix this problem.



Giving the user account that is executing the CREATE DATABASE statement the necessary permissions is often the first step in fixing this error. To ensure a proper execution of the database creation process, it is crucial to comprehend the user’s security context, the target database, and the applicable permissions.

It’s important to keep in mind that, despite the SQL Server error 262 appearing to be a challenge, a solid understanding of permissions and administrative roles will enable you to go around it and successfully build databases in your SQL Server environment.


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