Rule “Setup account privileges” failed – How to Resolve

Hi friends, in this article, we’ll be discussing about an error message you might get under certain circumstances, when installing SQL Server. The title of the error is Rule “Setup account privileges” failed and more specifically it reports the following:

The account that is running SQL Server Setup doesn’t have one or all of the following rights: the right to back up files and directories, the right to manage auditing and the security log and the right to debug programs. To continue, use an account with both of these rights.


Root Cause Analysis

The root cause for the issue, is exactly what the error message says, meaning that the user that performs the installation of SQL Server, lacks certain permissions on the environment onto SQL Server is being installed. These permissions, are specific policy user rights.

The above scenario only happens when the default security policy permissions in Windows are changed (for example these permissions are removed for local administrators on the machine by a custom security policy within an organization).


How to Resolve the Issue

After you make sure that you are user is a local administrator on the machine onto which you are trying to install SQL Server, the next step is to make sure that your user has the following security policy permissions:

  • Backup files and directories
  • Debug Programs
  • Manage auditing and security log 

To to do this, you will need to run “secpol.msc” in order to open the Local Security Policy in Windows.

Then you navigate to “Local Policies” and then “User Right Assignments”, and from there, you can manage the user permissions so that your user is allowed to perform the installation.

After the installation is completed, you can revoke the additional permissions you have granted (make sure you do not remove any other permissions – only those you have temporarily granted for the installation process).

If you are not able to manage the permissions, you will need to discuss it with your Domain Administrator.


Example of default security policy permissions on my environment:

Rule "Setup account privileges" failed - How to Resolve - Article on SQLNetHub



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