Machine Debug Manager – Windows Vista

Recently I have installed Service Pack 1 for Visual Studio 2008.
My machine runs Windows Vista SP1.

During the installation process I was prompt with a warning message that the Machine Debug Manager service was still running. For completing the installation process on the safe side I had to stop this service.

So, what is exactly the Machine Debug Manager? What is the purpose of it?

Machine Debug Manager supports local and remote debugging for Visual Studio and script debuggers. Among these, it also allows windows users to debug Internet Explorer scripting errors.

You can stop this service by opening Windows Services (start –> run –> services.msc) and explicitly stopping the service “Machine Debug Manager” (Service Name: MDM).

When the installation of the Service Pack completes, you can then start the service again if desirable.

8 thoughts on “Machine Debug Manager – Windows Vista”

  1. Hi Valentin,

    Stopping the Machine Debug Manager service will not make Windows unstable.

    This service allows the Windows user to be able to debug Visual Studio applications and Internet Explorer scripts. By stopping it you will just not be able to do so.

    In the case that you do not need to debug such applications/scripts, it is better to have this service stopped as it also increases security.

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