How to Give Same Permission to Multiple Users in SQL Server using T-SQL

Managing user permissions efficiently is a crucial aspect of database administration. In SQL Server, T-SQL provides a powerful toolset for granting permissions, and it becomes even more beneficial when you need to assign the same set of permissions to multiple users. This article will guide you through the process of streamlining this task using T-SQL.

Step 1: Connect to the Database

Before proceeding, ensure you are connected to the target database using SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) or any other T-SQL client.


Step 2: Identify the Users

Make a list of the users to whom you want to grant the same permissions. This could include developers, analysts, or any other roles that require consistent access rights.


Step 3: Craft the T-SQL Script

Use the GRANT statement to assign specific permissions to the selected users. For example, let’s grant SELECT and EXECUTE permissions on a specific schema and its objects:

--Examples of Granting Database Permissions 
--to Multiple Users in SQL Server
USE YourDatabaseName;

-- Grant SELECT permission on a table to multiple users
GRANT SELECT ON tblName TO User1, User2, User3;

* Replace “YourDatabaseName” and “tblName” with your actual database name and table.

Note: The above script assumes that the users are already created in the database.


Step 4: Execute the Script

Run the T-SQL script in SSMS or your preferred T-SQL client to apply the permissions to the specified users.


Step 5: Verify Permissions

After execution, verify that the permissions were granted successfully by querying the system views when logged in with each user. For example:

-- Check SELECT permissions for a specific user
FROM sys.fn_my_permissions('tblName', 'OBJECT') 

* Adapt the query according to your specific requirements.


Concluding Remarks

By leveraging T-SQL, you can efficiently grant the same permissions to multiple users in SQL Server. This not only saves time but also ensures consistency in access control across your database environment. Remember to tailor the script based on your unique permission requirements.



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