Azure Database for MySQL Server Management Components

Hi there! In a previous article, we have discussed about the available MySQL deployment options in Azure. In this new article, we will be discussing about the available Azure Database for MySQL server management components.


Available Server Management Components for MySQL on the Azure Cloud Platform

The server management components for MySQL server on the Azure platform, is a rich set of components, that enables you to efficiently manage your Azure Database for MySQL, mainly focusing on performance and monitoring aspects.

Note that, if you are using the PaaS MySQL deployment options on Azure, that means that other database administration tasks, are handled by the Azure Platform, such as: patching, backups, high availability, security, etc.

In the below list, you can see the categories of server management components and features for Azure Database for MySQL:

  • Overview, Activity Log and IAM
  • Settings
  • Intelligent Performance
  • Monitoring
  • Automation
  • Support + troubleshooting

Let’s discuss more about these categories of features.


Overview, Activity Log and IAM

Under this server management category, you have access to the server overview, activity log and identity and access management (IAM).

Moreover, you can manage tags, as well as, use the “diagnose and solve problems” feature.



Under the “Settings” management category, you can use the following features:

  • Connection security
  • Connection strings
  • Server parameters
  • Active Directory admin
  • Pricing tier
  • Properties
  • Locks


Intelligent Performance

Under the “Intelligent Performance” category, you can use the below features:

  • Query Performance Insight
  • Performance recommendations



Under the “Monitoring” category, you can manage your MySQL Server on Azure, using the below set of features:

  • Alerts
  • Metrics
  • Diagnostic settings
  • Logs
  • Server logs



Under the “Automation” category, you can use the below 2 features:

  • Tasks
  • Export template


Support + Troubleshooting

Under the “Support + troubleshooting” category, you can use the below 2 features:

  • Resource health
  • New support request



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