What is Microsoft’s Passwordless Option?


So, a logical question you might have, is what is Microsoft’s passwordless option and how can it help you?


The inconvenience of maintaining multiple passwords

Let’s face it: nobody likes passwords! We need to manage so many passwords for just about anything!

On the one hand, using the same, easy to remember password everywhere is not a security best practice.

One the other hand, using different complex passwords for all those online services for example, makes it nearly impossible to efficiently manage the passwords, having as a result, to often forget our passwords.


The passwordless option for your Microsoft account

Now, you can easily enable the passwordless option for your Microsoft account and thus take advantage of this new security feature offered by Microsoft.

Besides the fact that this option makes it easier for users to access their Microsoft accounts, it is also more secure, since it replaces passwords with a more secure authentication factor, i.e. pins, fingerprints via Windows Hello, Microsoft Authenticator, etc.


Hoes does it work?

When you enable passwordless login for your Microsoft account, given the fact that you have successful set the prerequisites as well, the next time you will be accessing your account, instead of entering a password, you will be prompted on your device (i.e. in the Microsoft Authenticator app) to approve the sign-in attempt. If you approve it, then you will be able to access your account.

However, enabling the passwordless sign in option, has some prerequisites that need to be met.


How can you set it up and prerequisites

The first step prior enabling passwordless sign in for your Microsoft account, is to ensure that you have the Microsoft Authenticator app installed on your Android or iPhone device and linked to your personal Microsoft account.

The next step, is to turn on the “Passwordless account” option from within you Microsoft account’s “Security“, then “Advanced security options” and then you can find this option in the “Additional security” section, that is the same section from where you can enable Two-step verification.


What is Microsoft's Passwordless Option


Learn more about Microsoft Passwordless

You can learn more about Microsoft Passwordless in the official Microsoft Security blog.


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