Azure Database for MySQL Firewall Rules and Connection Security

Hi friends! In this article, we will be discussing about Azure Database for MySQL Firewall Rules and Connection Security.

About Azure Database for MySQL Server Firewall Rules

Firewall rules in Azure Database for MySQL, is a way of controlling who can be allowed network access to your online resources on Azure, such as your MySQL Server.

Among other, you can add IP ranges, in order to allow network access to your MySQL server on the Azure platform, for specific IP ranges. In such case of course, it is best to use static IPs for the clients that will be connecting to the server. In a different case, you would need to maintain the firewall rules, as far as the IP rules are concerned (i.e. whenever a non-static client IP changes).


Security Best Practice: It is highly recommended to use private link for Azure Database for MySQL instead of allowing access to the server from the public internet.


Other Options for Connection Security

Besides the firewall rules, in the same configuration page, that is the “Connection Security” of your Azure Database for MySQL Server, you can also set other important security options for your server.

To this end, you can chose to allow/disallow access to other Azure services, you can choose to enforce SSL connections to the server (highly recommended), as well as, you can set the TLS settings for your server. Regarding TLS settings, it is recommended to use TLS 1.2 (or later), as a security best practice.


Screenshot of Azure Database for MySQL Server Connection Security Page

The below screenshot, is an example of how I set a demo MySQL server on Azure, within the context of one of my online courses.

Azure Database for MySQL Firewall Rules and Connection Security - SQLNetHub


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