24 Hours of PASS!

I got asked to present a one-hour SQL Server development session during the “24 Hours of PASS” event which starts on September 2, 2009, 00:00 GMT.

The “24 Hours of PASS” is a series of live one-hour webcasts broadcast over a 24 hour period that focus on various SQL Server topics.

The event is free and it is an excellent opportunity for learning about Data Warehousing, SQLCLR, SQL Server security, Performance Tuning, SQL Server Development and much more!

You can check out all all the great sessions at the following link.

I will be presenting Session 18, with topic: “Building Flexible Data Services for the Web Using the ADO .NET Data Services Framework“. For more info click on this link.

During my session, you can learn how to easily build flexible and scalable data services that are naturally integrated with the Web, by using the ADO .NET Data Services Framework. Also, you can see how to easily build a data service from scratch, map it to a SQL Server database, and expose database data to the Web. Learn how to use URIs and HTTP verbs such as GET, POST, PUT, and DELETE for accessing and manipulating specific pieces of the data. Also, see how Data Services fully support the REST protocol by using well-known formats for representing data, such as JSON and plain XML.

See you all online!

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