Selected Tweets and Retweets of 2017

Wow! Another year has passed! Another great year! Full of SQL Server power! Events, blogging, community building, software, webcasts, discussions, tweets, guest article writing, book writing, and more! Besides the intensive blogging and article writing, another major contribution this year, was the transformation of my blog “The SQL Server and .NET Hub” to the “SQLNetHub” portal. SQLNetHub now provides different types of knowledge about SQL Server and related technologies. From high-quality blog posts, to cool SQL Server tools and useful SQL Server eBooks, SQLNetHub is your ultimate source of SQL Server knowledge.

Another major contribution was the release of the second edition of my eBooks on SQL Server administration, development and tuning, via my initiative Via this initiative, I write and publish useful eBooks on different SQL Server topics, thus sharing my expertise with the rest of the SQL Server community.

Like every year, it’s time for my selected tweets and retweets for the year of 2017.

Before that, I would like to say a huge Thank You to Microsoft for supporting SQL Server Communities and MVPs all over the world. Moreover, I would like to thank you, my fellow SQL Server community members for being just awesome!

Here’s my selected tweets and retweets for 2017!

Happy new year 2018!

December 2017


November 2017


October 2017


September 2017


August 2017


July 2017


June 2017


May 2017


Apr 2017


Mar 2017


Feb 2017


Jan 2017


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