How to Import and Export Data in SQL Server

How to Import and Export Data in SQL Server

How to Import and Export Data in SQL Server

Among the many cool things in SQL Server, a very significant one is the fact that SQL Server provides many built-in tools and mechanisms that allow you to import and export data easily. One day while working with SQL Server, I thought to myself “why not creating an online course demonstrating all these cool built-in tools”? And so I did! 

My brand new online course is titled “How to Import and Export Data in SQL Server” and you can find it on Udemy and Skillshare.

So, what does this course explain? What are the topics I’m talking about and provide live demonstrations?


Built-in Tools for Importing and Exporting Data in SQL Server

Analytically, by attending this course, you will learn how to perform the below data-related operations in SQL Server fast and easy:

  • Import ASCII files using the Import Flat File Wizard in SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS)
  • Import data using the BULK INSERT T-SQL Statement
  • Import data using the OPENROWSET Function
  • Import and export data using the SQL Server Import and Export Wizard
  • Import and export data using the BCP Utility
  • Import and export data using SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS)


Get the Infographic: How to Import and Export Data in SQL Server

For the purpose of better helping you understand the different data import and export built-in mechanisms in SQL Server, I have prepared an infographic just for you. Here’s a preview of the infographic:


You can download the infographic here:


Attend the Online Course and Learn More!

You can enroll to the learn more information about the course and see previews on the below links.

How to Import and Export Data in SQL Server - Online Course

Learn More... (on Udemy)


Learn More... (on Skillshare)


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