New Article Series: Beginner’s Corner

We are all beginners.

We are not experts or gurus. There is no such thing. This is just an illusion.

In the end of the day, we are all beginners who constantly learn and evolve.

The majority of articles I publish on my blog target topics that could be characterized as intermediate and sometimes advanced.

Yesterday I thought “hey, why not starting also a new series of articles on my blog aiming at helping people who just started working -or trying to- on SQL Server“?

So here I am announcing this new series of articles and the name of it is: “Beginner’s Corner”!

Beginner’s Corner will be featuring articles which will be discussing simple SQL Server topics in a logical order. For example the first article which will be published in the coming days it will be introducing SQL Server in simple words, etc.

In order to better help you finding all the articles of Beginner’s Corner, on the top right of my blog, you can find a navigation button titled “Beginner’s Corner”. Whenever you click on the button you will be able to access all the relevant articles.

So please do join my excitement, share the news and any feedback you may have and above all, for any of my articles, don’t hesitate to make questions and start discussions because in the day, hey we are all beginners!


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