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Easily create T-SQL code snippets for SSMS with Snippets Generator by SQLNetHub

Snippets Generator Ultimate Edition

Easily Create and Modify SQL Snippets for SQL Server Management Studio.

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* Single-PC license

Dynamic SQL Generator: Easily convert static SQL Server T-SQL scripts to dynamic and vice versa.

Dynamic SQL Generator Ultimate Edition

Convert Static SQL Server SQL Scripts to Dynamic SQL and Vice Versa

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* Single-PC license

SQL Server Security Tool - DBA Security Advisor - Security Checks

DBA Security Advisor Enterprise Edition

Analyze your SQL Server Instances for Security Misconfigurations, and get Useful Recommendations using our Powerful SQL Server Security Tool.

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My Remote Connections Manager - SQLNetHub

My Remote Connections Manager Ultimate Edition

Efficiently Manage your Remote Desktop Connections

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In-Memory OLTP Simulator

In-Memory OLTP Simulator Ultimate Edition

Easily Benchmark Any Workload Against SQL Server In-Memory OLTP

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Administering SQL Server - eBook

Administering SQL Server

Learn how to effectively administer your SQL Server databases. Learn about maintenance, security, integration, error handling and more.

Tuning SQL Server - eBook

Tuning SQL Server

Learn how you can tune SQL Server and get the most of it when it comes to performance. Learn about indexes, log files management, locking, blocking and more.

Developing with SQL Server - eBook - Sample Chapter

Developing with SQL Server

Learn how you can efficiently develop in SQL Server as well as about different T-SQL constructs. Get useful T-SQL tips and learn how you can work with unstructured data, data access and more.

Online Courses

Check our “Online Courses” section for more information about our online course offerings. Currently, our courses include topics such as: SQL Server administration, data processing – import/export, Azure SQL Database, Computer Programming, SQL Server 2019 and more.