How To Get Basic SQL Server Instance Info (T-SQL Script)

With the below T-SQL script, you can get basic SQL Server instance info such as:

  • Full instance name
  • SQL Server version
  • Edition
  • Collation
  • Number of databases
  • Product level (i.e. SP-level)
  • …and more


The T-SQL Script

The script uses the built-in SQL Server function SERVERPROPERTY.

SERVERPROPERTY('ServerName') AS FullInstanceName,
REPLACE(SUBSTRING(@@version,0,CHARINDEX('-',@@version)),'Microsoft ','') as FullSQLVersion,
SERVERPROPERTY('ProductVersion') AS ProductVersion,
SERVERPROPERTY('ProductLevel') AS ProductLevel,
SERVERPROPERTY('ComputerNamePhysicalNetBIOS') AS ComputerNamePhysicalNetBIOS,
SERVERPROPERTY('MachineName') AS MachineName,
SERVERPROPERTY('InstanceName') as InstanceName,
SERVERPROPERTY('BuildClrVersion') AS BuildClrVersion,
SERVERPROPERTY('Collation') AS Collation,
SERVERPROPERTY ('edition') as InstanceEdition,
CASE WHEN SERVERPROPERTY('EngineEdition')=1 THEN 'Personal/Desktop' 
   WHEN SERVERPROPERTY('EngineEdition')=2 THEN 'Standard' 
   WHEN SERVERPROPERTY('EngineEdition')=3 THEN 'Enterprise' 
   WHEN SERVERPROPERTY('EngineEdition')=4 THEN 'Express' 
   WHEN SERVERPROPERTY('EngineEdition')=5 THEN 'SQL Database' 
   WHEN SERVERPROPERTY('EngineEdition')=6 THEN 'SQL Data Warehouse' 
END AS EngineEdition,
CASE WHEN SERVERPROPERTY('IsClustered')=1 THEN 'Clustered'
 	 WHEN SERVERPROPERTY('IsClustered')=0 THEN 'Not Clustered'
   ELSE 'N/A' END AS ClusteredStatus,
(SELECT COUNT(*) FROM sys.databases) AS TotalDatabases

For more information about the built-in SQL Server function SERVERPROPERTY please visit this MSDN article.


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