Script that Returns SQL Server’s Version Name

Hi friends, this T-SQL tips is about how you can retrieve the version name a SQL Server instance using the @@VERSION system function in SQL Server.


The T-SQL Script for Retrieving the Version Name

Here’s the script.

As you can see, in order to retrieve the version name for the SQL Server instance we are connected to, we use the @@VERSION system function along with the CHARINDEX string function.

    WHEN CHARINDEX('2019', @@VERSION) > 0 
      THEN 'Microsoft SQL Server 2019'
    WHEN CHARINDEX('2022', @@VERSION) > 0 
      THEN 'Microsoft SQL Server 2022'
    WHEN CHARINDEX('2017', @@VERSION) > 0 
      THEN 'Microsoft SQL Server 2017'
    WHEN CHARINDEX('2016', @@VERSION) > 0 
      THEN 'Microsoft SQL Server 2016'
    WHEN CHARINDEX('2014', @@VERSION) > 0 
      THEN 'Microsoft SQL Server 2014'
    WHEN CHARINDEX('2012', @@VERSION) > 0 
      THEN 'Microsoft SQL Server 2012'
    WHEN CHARINDEX('2008', @@VERSION) > 0 
      THEN 'Microsoft SQL Server 2008'
    ELSE 'Unknown version'
  END AS 'SQL Server Version';



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