Introducing My Remote Connections Manager

Yesterday, we proudly announced the release of our brand new software tool “My Remote Connections Manager“. In this short post, we are introducing My Remote Connections Manager by describing its main features and explaining how it can help you in your daily IT tasks.


What is My Remote Connections Manager?

My Remote Connections Manager, is a lightweight software tool that can help you efficiently manage your Windows remote desktop connections. You can create and categorize remote connections, see useful statistics and more.


My Remote Connections Manager - SQLNetHub


Main Features of My Remote Connections Manager

Below, we list the main features of the tool:

  • Create and Edit Remote Desktop Connections
    • Easily create and remote desktop connections, along with specifying useful information for each connection.
  • Remote Connection Categories
    • Organize your remote desktop connections in custom categories.
  • Fast Connect
    • No time to create a remote desktop connection? No problem! You can just connect to the remote Windows server/machine by just typing its network name or IP.
      Fast Connect history.
  • Statistics
    • Get useful statistics for the current month’s remote desktop connections and fast connect actions.
  • Encryption
    • The connection-related information are stored with encryption.


My Remote Connections Manager - SQLNetHub


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