Software Section on SQLNetHub: Now Fully Live!

I have been writing software since I was 10. I enjoy the challenge of solving different problems with the use of simple, yet powerful software tools.

My latest initiative in the last few years was SQLArtBits, and before that, Artemiou Data Tools. Via Artemiou Data Tools and SQLArtBits, I have released useful SQL Server tools. With thousands of downloads, I’m sure that I have helped – and still helping – a lot of people to be more productive with the use of my softare tools, the majority of of which is free.

With the transformation of SQLNetHub, from a SQL Server blog into a powerful portal of high-quality SQL Server and .NET articles, eBooks, online services, webcasts and more, from today onward, I will be releasing all my software tools under this brand. To this end, I have been working during the last few months, in order to release brand new versions of all my software tools under the SQLNetHub brand. Today, I’m proud to announce that you can find these new versions of all my software tools on the all new “Software” section on SQLNetHub.

Explore! Experience! Check out SQLNetHub’s Software section today!

-Artemakis Artemiou

Microsoft MVP Logo
9 Times Data Platform MVP (2009 – 2018)


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