There is no SQL Server Failover Cluster Available to Join

There is no SQL Server Failover Cluster Available to Join

There is no SQL Server Failover Cluster Available to Join

If you are trying to add a new node to an existing SQL Server failover cluster and you are getting the error message “There is no SQL Server failover cluster available to join“, then you can perform the below checks:

  • Make sure that all cluster nodes are in the same domain
  • Make sure that the node is added to the Windows Cluster
  • Make sure that there are not any network restriction rules between the cluster nodes
    • For example: use ping and telnet to test the communication between the cluster nodes
  • Make sure that a possible faulty installation that took place in the past and terminated with errors, did not leave partial components installed on the node. If this is the case, consider cleaning up/uninstalling the partial components (if not used) prior to trying again to add the node to the cluster (warning: be very careful when removing components from a clustered installation of SQL Server – always backup your data).
  • Make sure that you are using the same service account for the SQL Server Database Engine service for all nodes of the failover cluster (note: the service account must be a domain user account and not a local user on the nodes).
  • Regarding the required permissions for the involved service accounts, check this MS Docs article, in order to check if the service accounts have adequate permissions.
  • If all the above are OK and still you are experiencing the error message, then you should go through the MS Docs article on SQL Server failover cluster installation and make sure that you have followed the recommended steps.

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