CY Hackathon Nov 29-30 2014: A Short Review

On the weekend of Nov 29-30, Windows CY Hackathon took place in Cyprus. The contestants had almost two days to develop a universal application for Windows Store and Windows Phone. They were given an open data API that they had to use. Beyond that, everything was up to their imagination which as their presentations proved, it has no limits!

I had the joy to participate to the three-judge committee where we had to judge the apps for four aspects:

  • Functionality
  • Idea
  • User Interface
  • Universal nature (whether the app could run on both Windows Phone and Windows 8.1 PCs)

The event was a huge success. With more than 50 participants, many teams where formed and developed some really great apps.
The three winning teams presented three very interesting apps that have a great potential ahead. In addition, all the participants’ ideas were very good and proved that the level of software development in Cyprus is very high.

It is really exciting to see that so many people stayed for almost two days without sleep just to follow their passion, to put their ideas in motion and develop cool applications.

My advice to all of them, and in the end of the day to all of us -including me-, is to follow their passion, chase their ideas, make a plan and develop that great app that will change the world!

Once again congratulations to all participants as well as to the Computer Science Department for hosting the event and a huge bravo to Microsoft Cyprus for organizing and sponsoring such an exciting event.

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