Selected Tweets of Year 2013!

Selected Tweets of Year 2013!

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Another year has come to an end. Being faithful to the “tradition” of posting the last day of every year my selected tweets for the year that ends, here I am again, posting the “Selected Tweets of Year 2013!”.

2013 was remarkable, especially when it comes to Community. Interacting with you, the SQL Server Community through all available channels is a unique experience as is it is with this interaction we all become better, not only in Technology but as human beings too.

2013 was a special year for me as my wife gave birth to a beautiful baby girl! Even though now I get less sleep I have an additional source of inspiration! πŸ™‚ That’s why I published my first two e-Books in this year!

In October 2013 I published “Tuning SQL Server” and in December “Administering SQL Server“, all part of my series “The SQL Server and .NET eBook Series“.

Another year has come to an end. Throughout the difficulties of our times we stay strong. We keep on trying for the best. We keep on following our passion thus maintaining a strong Technical Community. The one thing I can say for sure after all these years of community activity, is that it is something that makes you a better person.

2014 can be an even better year because you know, it is us, the people that can make this happen. As a good friend of mine once said: “Change the World, or go home!” (cheers Karl πŸ™‚

It is a privilege to communicate with you, via all possible channels like blogs, forums, offline and online events, conferences and of course, Twitter! Here are the tweets!

Blog Posts/Articles and Announcements

  • CDNUG’s event on May 22 will be also streamed live! Join us and learn more about Windows/SQL #Azure!  #mvpbuzz #fb
  • 3 days left for the release of my 2nd eBook “Administering SQL Server”. Putting the finishing touches!  #MVPBuzz #fb
  • Building a new website. Hint: It will be #SQLServer-related but different from my other websites πŸ™‚ More info before Christmas! #MVPBuzz #fb
  • Only one week left for the release of my second eBook titled “Administering SQL Server”. Check often:  #MVPBuzz #fb
  • Editing my second eBook titled “Administering SQL Server”.To be published on December 2,2013.  #fb #SQLServer #MVPBuzz
  • Just finished the migration of 62 databases from #SQLServer 2005 to 2008 R2 on a Win 2012 cluster! Let’s put the final touches! #MVPBuzz
  • My second eBook on #SQLServer titled “Administering SQL Server” will be published in one month. Check often  #MVPBuzz
  • My first ebook on #SQLServer tuning has entered its editing phase. More info in two days! #MVPBuzz #fb #Community
  • New functionality added: Open/modify existing T-SQL snippet files, Create SurroundsWith snippets. #SnippetsGenerator #MVPBuzz #SQLServer #fb
  • I have added interesting new features in this new release of Snippets Generator. #MVPBuzz #SQLServer
  • [News] More info about my three eBooks (i.e. release dates, etc.) on September 10, 2013 #MVPBuzz #fb #Community #SqlServer
  • [News] The third eBook will be about #SQLServer Development #MVPBuzz #fb #Community
  • [News] The second eBook will be about #SQLServer Tuning #MVPBuzz #fb #Community
  • [News] The first eBook will be about #SQLServer Administration and Maintenance #MVPBuzz #fb #Community
  • [News] I am currently working on writing not one but three eBooks on #SQLServer! #Free to the #community of course! #MVPBuzz #fb
  • A new release of my open source tool “Snippets Generator for SQL Server 2012” is on the way. More info in September! 
  • Working on something amazing! Yes, it has to do with in-memory OLTP! πŸ™‚ More news within a few days… #mvpbuzz #fb #sqlserver
  • Downloading #SQLServer 2014 CTP1! It’s time to talk about In-Memory OLTP (Hekaton)! πŸ™‚ #MVPBuzz #fb
  • Tomorrow at 6pm (local Cyprus time) watch live the CDNUG event on Windows/SQL Azure! Live Meeting URL: … #mvpbuzz #fb
  • Putting some final touches for my session at tomorrow’s #CDNUG event! I am really enjoying all these SQL Azure demos! πŸ™‚ #mvpbuzz #community
  • On May 22 2013 I will be presenting a session on #Windows #Azure SQL Database. For more info:  #mvpbuzz #fb #cdnug
  • On May 22 I will be delivering a session on #Windows #Azure #SQL #Database (formerly SQL Azure). More info soon! #fb #mvpbuzz
  • Working on an article on data processing. More info soon! #mvpbuzz #fb #sqlserver
  • Even though we usually avoid using cursors, sometimes are indeed the best option, if not the only one! #mvpbuzz #sqlserver #fb
  • I am a #SQLServer MVP for the 5th year! Thank you #Microsoft! Thank you #Community!!! #in #mvpbuzz
  • A great event! RT @CDNUG:Review of our event that took place on Feb 28 2013 – OWASP Top 10 No-Nos  #Community #MVPBuzz
  • [New Release] Snippets Generator v2.0 is Out! –  #mvpbuzz #fb #community #free #sqlserver #SSMS #tools
  • You like #SSMS 2012? You like T-SQL coding? A new release of a #free special tool is scheduled for tomorrow! Stay tuned! #mvpbuzz #SQLServer
  • Always! RT @CDNUG: By, and for, the #DotNet and #SQLServer #Community in #Cyprus! Follow us for a deep dive into #knowledge!
  • I have just been renewed in the Friends of Red Gate program for 2013! Thank you @redgate! #MVPBuzz #SQLServer #fb @RedGateFriends

          My warmest wishes for a Happy New Year 2014! A year full of health, love, and knowledge sharing!

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          Tuning SQL Server: eBook by SQL Server MVP Artemakis Artemiou
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          Administering SQL Server: eBook by SQL Server MVP Artemakis Artemiou
          Artemakis Artemiou
          Artemakis Artemiou is a Senior SQL Server Architect, Author, Software Developer and a Microsoft Data Platform MVP. He has over 15 years of experience in the IT industry in various roles. Among other, via his initiative, Artemakis authors and publishes eBooks on different topics on SQL Server. Artemakis currently serves as the President of the Cyprus .NET User Group (CDNUG) and the International .NET Association Country Leader for Cyprus (INETA). Additionally he is the founder of the SQLArtBits initiative that aims to provide the technical community with simple, yet powerful and high-quality SQL Server tools. Currently, the highlights of these tools are DBA Security Advisor and In-Memory OLTP Simulator. Artemakis's official website can be found atΒ Artemakis's blogs can be found at: SQLNetHub.comΒ and