TechEd EMEA Developers 2008

Today it was the last day of Tech·Ed EMEA Developers 2008 in Barcelona, Spain.

The conference took place between the 10th and 14th November 2008. It was my first time in such big event and I have to admit that I was excited! Thousands of developers around Europe and other countries near Europe, huge amounts of knowledge exchange, very interesting sessions on new Microsoft technologies, ask-the-experts sessions where someone could have deep technical discussions with Microsoft experts regarding the various MS technologies, exhibitions and of course, Speaker Idol!

Based on the fact that I wanted to experience TechEd as much as I could, I participated to the Speaker Idol Contest :). Even though I was somehow expecting to feel a little bit nervous I did not; after all I was among fellow developers!

So, I talked about the MERGE statement in SQL Server 2008; a really interesting T-SQL enhancement. The presentation went well but unfortunately I did not make it to the finals. Though, regardless the result, the experience was worth every minute!

With these great emotions, I am leaving Barcelona tonight and hopefully I will make it to the next TechEd in Berlin next year. Who knows? I might even participate again to Speaker Idol! 🙂