Selected Tweets of Year 2015!

Another year has passed…as always, full of everything! Events, articles, direct communication with you, my fellow SQL Server community members, via different online and offline channels, software and book releases and many other activities!

Among my blog and journal articles, user group/conference events, tweets and software and book releases, I feel that two of my activities were the most highlighted in 2015. The first highlight was the release of my software tool ‘In-Memory OLTP Simulator, and the second was the release of my third book titled ‘Developing with SQL Server‘.

In-Memory OLTP Simulator allows you to easily test SQL Server’s In-Memory OLTP Engine against your own workload, with the use of custom scenarios which you can easily create using the tool. I was working for two years on this and I am really proud about it!

My book ‘Developing SQL Server‘ contains dozens of articles I wrote on different topics that have to do with SQL Server’s development. This book completed my three eBook series ‘The SQL Server and .NET Blog eBook Series’ but hey, don’t worry, there is much more to come! 🙂

All the above, provided me with a great interaction with you, my fellow SQL Server community members, for one more year. Thank you for making the SQL Server community an amazing place to be!

I’m really looking forward for 2016 having already scheduled a variety of amazing community activities!

Wishing to all of you a Happy New Year 2016!

As every year’s end, below you can find my selected tweets for the year 2015.


In-Memory OLTP Simulator


Blog Posts/Articles/Books and Announcements



  • Another successful #CDNUG event took place yesterday! Next stop: The In-Memory OLTP Experiment Technical Whitepaper! #SQLServer #MVPBuzz
  • Preparing my session for CDNUG’s event on Nov 24. Title: #SQLServer 2016 Top Features! #sqlfamily #community #mvpbuzz
  • A technical whitepaper for In-Memory OLTP Simulator is in the works. Make sure you check often: #SQLServer #MVPBuzz
  • Stay up to date with all my publications on #SQLServer – Register to the monthly newsletter! – #MVPBuzz #Community
  • If you are interested in #SQLServer In-Memory Optimization then you should try “In-Memory OLTP Simulator“.  #Hekaton
  • Get the Community Edition of In-Memory OLTP Simulator today at:  #Hekaton #SQLServer #InMemoryOLTP
  • Up to 20 Million records where processed via a custom scenario. The results are amazing! More news soon! #Hekaton #SQLServer
  • A tech whitepaper on In-Memory OLTP Simulator describing the 1st large-scale In-Memory OLTP Simulation conducted is in the works. #SQLServer
  • All scenarios are designed and executed using the Ultimate Edition of In-Memory OLTP Simulator:  #SQLServer
  • Up to now: 1M records:2.25x speedup, 5M records:7.52x speedup, 10M records:10.17x speedup.Now, who can see the trend? 🙂 #SQLServer #MVPBuzz
  • Started running the In-Memory OLTP Experiment! It is expected to be completed by tomorrow or Wednesday the latest! #MVPBuzz #SQLServer
  • Designing the 100M scenario in In-Memory OLTP Simulator ( – More info tomorrow! #MVPBuzz
  • Generating 100M records to simulate a complex update operation using the In-Memory OLTP Engine in #SQLServer #MVPBuzz
  • I have just been re-awarded as a Microsoft SQL Server MVP for the 7th Year in a Row! #MVPBuzz #SQLServer
  • Simulating heavy aggregations against 10M+ records using In-Memory OLTP…This is amazing! More news real soon! #MVPBuzz #SQLServer
  • Recommended 2-day free online .NET conference – dotnetConf –
  • The more I use @Snagit the more I get pleasantly surprised by its intelligent engine! Keep it up guys! #MVPBuzz



  • Have just rebuilt the #SQLServer system databases on an instance in order to change their collation! Cool process but be careful! ? #MVPBuzz
  • Migration completed! Back to “relaxing” mode 🙂 #MVPBuzz
  • Relaxing…before starting the migration of 60 DBs from #SQLServer 2008R2 to SQL Server 2014! ? #MVPBuzz
  • There is always a bug around when you write and maintain tens of thousands of lines of code! If you are lucky you will find it 🙂 #Community
  • Great article on @lifehackorg – How To Work Faster And Smarter – – That’s a must, especially in large scale projects!
  • ISACA CY / itSMF CY Event on Cloud Security & Service Management on Jan 29, 2015. For more info & agenda:  #Community



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