Screencast: Migrating to a Contained Database in SQL Server 2012 or later

Via this post, you can watch an interesting screencast, about Migrating to a Contained Database in SQL Server 2012 or later.


Introduction: What are Contained Databases in SQL Server?

Contained Databases is an exciting new feature, originally shipped with SQL Server 2012.

Among other, it introduces a more robust security model where you can access databases without using SQL Server Logins. You just need to use the Contained User and you can have full access to the database.

This allows you to easily migrate Contained Databases to other instances of SQL Server 2012 without having to worry about any SQL Server logins, orphaned users, etc., for the simple reason that SQL Server Logins are not necessary when using Contained Databases!

I have just prepared a screencast with live demos showing how you can migrate an existing database to a Contained Database and thus achieve portability.

I’m making the screencast available here as well as on “SQLNetHub TV“:

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Watch the Screencast Here – Migrating to a Contained Database in SQL Server


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