I am an INETA Country Leader

Today I have officially received the role of the INETA Country Leader for Cyprus.
It was an honor for me to receive this role as it will allow me to further promote the .NET community activity in Cyprus.

The main responsibility of this role is to supervise INETA User Groups in Cyprus and to promote technical communities registered to INETA.

At this point I would like to share my thoughts on what a technical community really means.
Well, technical communities are usually groups of professionals (in this case Microsoft .NET developers) who share knowledge in a non-profit environment.

Within the scope of a technical community, discussions can be made having to do with various technical issues/topics. Also conferences and relevant events can be organized for presenting interesting technical topics.

In Cyprus I am also the leader of CDNUG. CDNUG is committed to the .NET and SQL Server community and to facilitating its growth and development. Within this context we organize regular community events presenting and discussing various interesting .NET and SQL Server development topics.