Get Started with SQL Server by Learning the Fundamentals

There is so many people searching the web every on how they can get started with SQL Server! They read blogs, tutorials, how-to’s, watch videos and more. However, besides all that, which are very useful, I felt the need to create a structured online course, that will help people all over the world, to easily learn the fundamentals of SQL Server.

SQL Server, is one of the world-leading data platforms. With its built-in tools and related technologies, it allows you to do just about anything with your data and easily transform raw data into meaningful insights and knowledge.


SQL Server Fundamentals: The Course

Check our Online Course titled “SQL Server Fundamentals (SQL Database for Beginners)” .

In this beginner-level course, you will learn how to install SQL Server Database on both Windows and Linux, and how you can start doing basic tasks in SQL Server, using its free client tools SQL Server Management Studio, and Azure Data Studio.

SQL Server Fundamentals (SQL Database for Beginners)
SQL Server Fundamentals (SQL Database for Beginners) – Lifetime Access

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Course Curriculum

More specifically, the “SQL Server Fundamentals” course, focuses on the below areas:

  • Basic Database Principles
    • Databases, Tables, Queries, Stored Procedures, Functions, etc.
  • SQL Server Data Platform
    • What can you do with SQL Server
    • Which are the main services
    • Supported Operating Systems
    • How to download and install a free edition of SQL Server
  • SQL Server Management Studio
    • What is it
    • How to download and install it
    • How to connect to SQL Server and work with databases, tables and queries
    • Import and export data
  • SQL Server Security
    • Logins and database users
    • Surface Area configuration
  • Azure Data Studio
    • What is it
    • How to download and install it
    • how to start using it
  • Special Topics
    • About Special Topics
    • Special Topic: Create Sample Database for Special Topics Demos
    • Special Topic: Import Data Using the OPENROWSET Function
    • Special Topic: Import & Export Data Using SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS)
    • Benefits of Primary Keys in Database Tables
    • The Importance of Database Indexes
    • Difference Between SQL and SQL Server
  • SQL Server 2019 on Linux
    • How to Install SQL Server 2019 on Ubuntu Linux
    • How to Install and use the SQL Server command-line tools on Ubuntu Linux
    • How to Access SQL Server 2019 on Ubuntu Linux using Azure Data Studio
    • How to Perform an Offline Installation of SQL Server 2019 on Ubuntu Linux

After each section, a quiz follows that will help you test your knowledge on what you’ve learned in that section.

Also, in the end of the course, there is a practice test with 15 questions, that will help you test your knowledge on SQL Server fundamentals.


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What will you learn after completing the “SQL Server Fundamentals” course

  • Learn what is SQL Server and what you can do with it.
  • Learn about basic database principles.
  • Learn how to get started with SQL Server on both Windows and Linux
  • Learn about the available editions of SQL Server. What is free and what is not.
  • Learn how to download and install SQL Server on both Windows and Linux
  • Learn about SQL Server security such as: logins, database users, surface area configuration and more.
  • Learn how to use SQL Server Management Studio for connecting to SQL Server and working with it.
  • Learn how to create databases, tables, views, functions and stored procedures.
  • Learn how to import/export data in SQL Server.
  • Learn how to use Azure Data Studio.


Course Requirements

  • No prior knowledge of SQL Server is required.
  • It would be helpful to know some basic database-related concepts (i.e. what is a database, a table, etc.) but is not a prerequisite, since we will talk about it as well.
  • Willingness and excitement to learn!


Some Reviews from our Students

“Very understandable, flowing, to the point. Very well structured and organized. Excellent stuff.”

“This training course was very interesting. Artemakis helped us understand a lot of good things of the SQL Server. Fantastic course. We are looking forward for the next SQL course !!!”

“Clear and concise explanations Excellent examples with helpful screenshots Very good for beginners Instructor uses clear and simple language Instructor seems to be well organised”

“Clear, elaborate and to the point!”

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