Friends of Red Gate

Red Gate is a software company based in the university town of Cambridge, UK, specializing in MS SQL Server, .NET and email archiving tools.

Red Gate is one of the strong supporters of the SQL Server, .NET and Exchange communities. A great example of this, are Red Gate’s well-known community web sites and

Red Gate, takes their relationship with the SQL Server, .NET and Exchange communities very seriously. A solid example of this, is the “Friends of Red Gate” program. The program is aimed at active and influential community members who are experts and gurus in their relevant fields.

Through the program, the members have the chance to use and review Red Gate’s tools thus being able helping others who are having problems which could be solved using these tools.

As a new member of the program, I am very excited to participate as I am given the chance to use these great tools, review them and provide my feedback! I am already using SQL Prompt 4 and SQLRefactor and loving it!

Subsequent posts will follow, reviewing and discussing Red Gate’s tools mainly having to do with SQL Server and .NET Development.

A big thanks to Red Gate for being a true supporter of the technical community!