Why Join SQLNetHub?

Why Join SQLNetHub? 

SQLNetHub (previously known as “The SQL Server and .NET Hub”) started as a blog back in 2008 by SQL Server MVP Artemakis Artemiou. The SQL Server and .NET Hub is dedicated to SQL Server and .NET and features hundreds of high-quality articles.

Now, 9 years later, SQLNetHub, with a new name and even more passion for SQL Server, is being evolved into something larger: a community!

So if you work with SQL Server, here are some benefits for which you should join this exciting community and become a member (membership is free):

  • Access to additional, exclusive content
  • T-SQL scripts gallery
  • Free SQL guides
  • Special eBook and software discounts
  • Newsletter
  • Be part of a fast growing, dynamic SQL Server community
  • …and more!