Screencast: Working with Snippets in SQL Server 2012

Welcome to another screencast of the “SQL Server 2012 Screencast Series“!

In this short screencast we talk about code snippets in SQL Server 2012 Management Studio.

Code Snippets are being used for many years now by developers in Integrated Development Environments (IDEs) like Microsoft Visual Studio. Their benefits vary. Some of them are:

  • Code Reuse
  • Easier and Faster Programming
  • A method of defining coding standards
SQL Server 2012 provides the functionality of Code Snippets similarly as offered in Visual Studio thus making writing code in SSMS 2012 an even richer experience.

In the screencast, you can see how you can easily create snippets using my freeware tool “Snippets Generator for SQL Server 2012” and how to import it and use it in SSMS 2012.

You can watch the screencast below or at the “SQL Server and .NET TV“: