Categorization of Blog Posts

Sometimes I get asked; “Hey Artemis, are you a SQL Server Administrator or a Developer?” I then answer: “none of the two” 🙂

I would rather prefer calling myself a Data Architect as I believe it is more accurate. In a relevant article I posted a year ago, I talked about the responsibilities of database developers and administrators and how these responsibilities are often interconnected. The key point of that article was that by the time you are professionally involved with Database Systems you cannot only just know one of the two aspects. So, we often meet Database professionals that are administrators with development skills and vice versa.

If we take a look in Wikipedia, we can see that the role of a Data Architect is described as follows: “A data architect is a person responsible for ensuring that the data assets of an organization are supported by an architecture supporting the organization in achieving its strategic goals.” I fully agree.

As you can see, on my blog I post articles having to do with SQL Server administration, development, SQL, security, Business Intelligence, etc. I don’t like restricting my quest for knowledge in just one aspect of SQL Server and that’s why I mainly focus on Administration as well as on Development and some other topics.

Anyways, after this introduction, I would like to mention that I’ve just finished updating my personal website and guess what; I’ve added a page for SQL Server there as well! 🙂

This page, will be providing a list of most of my blog posts categorized in order for presenting my posts in a more structured way. It will actually be an index for all my articles posted here.

So, here’s the link!

Have a nice weekend!

P.S. This is my 99th post. I am wondering; what topic should my 100th post be featuring? 🙂